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Ukraine Targets Bases Deep in Russia, Showing Expanded Reach

Ukraine used drones to attack two Russian military bases deep inside Russian territory on Monday. Russia said that the drones were Soviet-era and were aimed at bases in Ryazan and Engels. It said that its forces had intercepted the drones and that three soldiers were killed and four were wounded. Ukraine has not publicly acknowledged the strikes.

Ecstasy Gives Way to Despair in a Liberated Ukrainian City

In the city of Kherson, people are scared of the river because Russian soldiers shoot at people from across it. The city is cold and lonely and many stores are closed. People are burning logs to stay warm because the electricity grid has been destroyed. The streets are empty and many people have left the city because of the fighting.

Russian Cruise Missiles Were Made Just Months Ago Despite Sanctions

A group of experts studied some of the missiles that Russia used in its attack on Ukraine in November. They found that some of the missiles were made after the West put sanctions on Russia to stop them from making these kinds of weapons. This means that Russia has found a way to make the weapons even though it is not supposed to be able to.

Putin Signs Law Banning Expressions of L.G.B.T.Q. Identity in Public

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a new law that bans people from expressing their LGBTQ identity in public. The law makes it illegal to share information about LGBTQ relationships in the media, advertising, movies, or on social media. It also bans people from expressing their LGBTQ identity in any way that is visible to children. This law will make it harder for LGBTQ people in Russia to live their lives openly and safely.

Warnock Claims Momentum in Georgia, as Walker Banks on Election Day Turnout

In Georgia, two people are competing in a special election to be a senator. A Democrat named Raphael Warnock and a Republican named Herschel Walker are trying to win. If Warnock wins, the Democrats will have 51 votes in the Senate and will be able to do more things. If Walker wins, the Republicans will be able to do more things. The election is important and a lot of money has been spent on it. People are voting now and the winner will be announced on December 6.

Arizona Certifies Midterm Results After G.O.P. Resistance

Arizona's officials signed papers to certify the midterm election results on Monday. This ended a delay caused by people who said the election was not fair, but there was no evidence of this. A judge made one county certify the results. The governor, the attorney general and the chief justice of the State Supreme Court all signed the papers. One candidate said she would keep fighting the result, but the governor said he must follow the law.

Supreme Court Seems Ready to Back Web Designer Opposed to Same-Sex Marriage

The US Supreme Court is considering whether it is against the law for a designer to refuse to create websites celebrating same-sex weddings because of their Christian faith. If the court rules in favor of the designer, it would be a victory for religious people and groups and would be a setback for gay rights. The court will decide whether businesses engaged in expression, such as graphic design, are protected by the First Amendment or if they are more like businesses that just sell goods.

Alito Teases Kagan About Dating Sites and Black Children in K.K.K. Outfits

The Supreme Court heard arguments about whether a website designer has the right to refuse to sell wedding websites to same-sex couples. One of the judges joked about a Jewish person asking for a photo for a dating website, which made everyone in the room laugh. The judge then asked if the photographer had to take the picture, and the answer was that it depended on the services that the photographer offered. The judge then asked about a Santa Claus at a mall who didn't want to take a picture with a child wearing a Ku Klux Klan outfit, and the answer was no because wearing a Ku Klux Klan outfit is not a protected characteristic under the law.

Brazil dances its way into the quarterfinals.

Brazil played South Korea in a soccer game and won 4-1. Tite, the coach, was happy and danced with his players. Richarlison scored a goal with a cool move and the team celebrated together. Brazil will play Croatia next in the quarterfinal round.

Can You Tell a Country by Its Corner Kicks?

The article is about how people used to think that the Earth was the center of the universe and that the sun and other planets revolved around it. But we now know that the sun is actually at the center of the solar system, and the Earth and other planets revolve around it. This new understanding helped us learn more about space and our place in it.